Globe Sim Registration – Sim Registration Globe Online in 2024

Globe Sim Registration : Sim Registration in now compulsory in the Philippines according to the sim card Registration Act implemented by the Philippines Government Nationwide. If your are looking to register a new Globe Sim or updating the registration for an existing Golbe Sim.

In this article you will find complete Guide on How to register Globe Sim Card online

What is Globe Sim?

Globe Sim Card privided by the Globe Telecom a major telecoommunications provider in the Philippines Country, The Globe Sim Card allows users to access Globe’s Network services, including Voice Calls, SMS Messaging and Mobile Data.

Globe Telecom also provides additional services such as:

  • Mobile Banking
  • International roaming
  • Special rates for calls and texts and
  • Many data plans for Social Media
    • Streaming or
    • Gaming
  • User can choose different types of sim cards compatible with their movile devices,
    • Standard Mobile Phone
    • Micro Sim
    • Nano Sim and
    • eSIM Formats

Globe Sim Registration Requirements

To Register Globe Sim Online you need to follow the requirements

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Valid Government ID
  • Filipino Citizens
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Authorized representative of the Company
  • An Active Globe Number and
  • A Valid ID Card.

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Globe Sim Registration Under Company Name

If you are registering Globe Sim Card under a Company Name. The Representative should prepare the following information:

  1. Full Name of the Authorized Representative.
  2. (DOB) – Date of Birth.
  3. Gender/Sex.
  4. Nationality.
  5. Company Name.
  6. Company Address.
  7. Government ID Presented + ID Number.
  8. A Valid Government ID With Photo (File size Max : 4MB)
  9. Certificate of DTI Registration
  10. Proof of Authority Designating the authorized representative
  11. All File or image size must be 4MB Max

Globe Sim Card Registration 2024

Globe Sim Card Registration is now Compulsory in the Philippines Country after the implementation of the Sim Registration Act in the Country by the Government. That helps to have a Control on Scams and Frauds.

Globe Sim Registration ID Requirements

To Register Globe Sim you need to have Valid Government ID Find the list of ID Requirements:

  • Voter’s ID
  • Valid Passport
  • SSS ID
  • Driver’s License.
  • NBI Clearance
  • PRC ID
  • BIR ID
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Philhealth ID
  • UMID Card
  • IBP ID
  • Philippine Identification (National ID)

Note All the Images must be in PNG, JPG, JPEG, HEIC or PDF, Always make sure that the image are clear with Maximum file size of 4 MB. For Image Compress visit the link

New Globe Com PH SIM Registration

  1. Visit the Official Golbe sim Registration Website –
  2. Please select your Preferred language
    • English/Taglish
  3. Next Enter your 10-digit Mobile Number
  4. Click on “Register” Button next to mobile number
  5. You will receive an OTP to your Golbe sim number on your phone
  6. Enter the OTP and verify
  7. One OTP successfully Verified Wait for Registration Form
  8. Once Registration Form pop-up, Fill the Registration Form:
    • Your Name
    • Date of Birth (DOB)
    • Gender/SEX
    • Address
    • Nationality
    • Take a selfie and upload it
    • Chose the type of Government ID and Click on the “Attach” Button
  9. Chose the Type of Government ID
  10. Click on the “Attach” Button
  11. Next you need to upload your Selfie along with Government ID
  12. Agree the Provacy Notice by ticking the Box
  13. Cross Check all the information you entered is correct
  14. Next Click on the Submit Button
  15. A Reference number will be “POP-UP” Save the Reference number with a Screenshort
  16. Reference number is the Proof that you have registered your Globe Sim card.

The Globe sim Online Registration link is

Globe Sim Registration For Forginers

The Foreign Nationals who are residing or Visiting the Philippines Country also need to register their Globe sim Card according to the Sim Registration Law in the Country. Foreigners are need to submit some specific Identification Documents such as:

  • A Valid Passport Copy
  • ACRI Card – Alien Certificate of Registration ID
  • Copy of Visa Stamped
  • Copy of Visa Stamped Shown.
  • Need to Submit the proof of Address where the Foreigners are Staying in the Country
    • Accommodation
    • Hotel Address
    • Affidavit letter from the Owner of the House or a Residence
    • Ticket to the orgin of Country along with the date of Departure from the Philippines Country.
  • Contact Information like:
    • Email or
    • Mobile Number

Globe Sim Registration Number

To Register Globe Sim Through Number Dial *808 from your Globe mobile and follow the prompts to speak with a customer service representative. or Visit the Globe official website to register your Globe sim card online.

Video Guide to Register Globe Sim Card


How to Check my Globe Sim is Registered?

To Check your Golbe sim is registered or not send a Text msg “SIMREG to 8080” to confirm your details and registration. You will receive a txt msg about your sim registration.

How to activate your Globe Sim Prepaid?

To Activate your Globe Sim send text msg to 8080.

How do i check my Globe sim card DATA?

To check your Globe Sim Card DATA, open your GlobeOne app your DATA will appear on the app Dashboard or Send a Text “DATA BAL to 8080” for Free, or Dail *143# and Select MyAccount, DATA Balance.

What is *143 in Globe Sim?

*143 is a user friendly Self Service Menu.

How to Call Globe Telecom For Free?

To Call Globe Telecom simply dail 211 using your Globe mobile or 808 with your Tm Mobile.

How to know if my Globe Sim is 5G?

To Check your Globe Sim 5G or not send a Text “SIM CHECK to 8080”.

How to Get free 5GB DATA in Globe?

To Get Free DATA : Register your Sim, Activate your SIM By a message, Turn on your Mobile DATA And Check your Balance, you will get free Go50 Promo with a 5GB DATA for 3 Days via the GlobeOne App.

What is Go99 in Globe Sim?

The Go+99 is 8GB data + 8GB of 5G DATA For all sites or 8GB Choice of apps + 1Discount voucher.

What is Go+129 in Globe Sim?

Go+129 – 10GBDATA + 8GB of 5G DATA+1 discount Voucher for 7 days.

How much Does Globe Sim cost?

The Cost of Globe Sim:

  • Globe Prepaid 5G Sim W/Go140 – P180+Delivery Fee.
  • Globe Prepaid 5G Sim W/SURF4ALL99 – P139+Delivery Fee.

Where Can you buy a new Globe Sim Card?

you can buy Globe Sim Card in Online such as Globe Online shop, Lazada, Shopee and more.

Is there any unlimited Data in Globe Sim?

  1. Yes, Go5G 99 = Unlimited 5G mobile DATA, With vaild for 3 days = Cost P99.
  2. Go5G 199 = Unlimited 5G DATA, Valid for 7 days = Cost P199.
  3. Go5G 299 = Unlimited 5G DATA, Vaild for 15 Days = Cost P299.

Can i get ame old sim card number with new sim card?

Yes, it is possible to get the same number of your new sim.

Which is better sim in the Philippines?

Better Sim in the Philippines based on the results:

  • 33.63% pick Globe Sim Card in terms of Good Network Coverage.
  • 32.93% Pick Smart Sim Card
  • 11.59% Pick TNT Sim Card
  • 10.89% pick DITO Sim Card
  • 8.94% pick TM Sim Card
  • 1.95% Pick Sun Sim Card

Which is the Fastest Sim Card in the Philippines?

The Fastest Sim Card in the Philippines is Smart Telecommunication with Download Speed of 37.64 Mbps.

Are TM Sim and Globe Sim Same?

Yes, TM Sim Card and Globe Sim Card are Same both are operated by Globe Telecommunication.

Can i convert my Globe sim card into Smart?

Yes, you can covert Globe Sim Card into Smart by Mobile number Portability

How to Deactive my Globe Sim Card?

To Deactive Globe Sim Card call at 0277301000 and select report lost of sim or mobile.

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