TM SIM Registration

What is TM Sim?

TM, Which Stands for “Touch Mobile“, TM is a Cellular Service Brand in the Philippines Country which Operated by the “Globe Telecom” is known for offering affordable call, text and internet data services.

TM Sim Registration Philippines

TM Sim Registration : Registering TM Sim Card is now Compulsory with the Sim Card Registration Act in the Philippines Country, in this article you will find how to register tm sim card with easy step by step guide.

TM Sim Registration Requirements

TM Sim Registration Requirements as follows:

  • Your Name
  • Filipino Citizens
  • Foreign Nationals
  • DOB (Date of Birth)
  • Nationality
  • Selfie Photo – 1
  • Nationally accepted ID Card with a Corresponding ID Number
  • Your TM Sim Card
  • Active TM Sim Number and
  • Valid ID Card

TM Sim Registration Philippines

TM Sim Registration Philippines or Foreign National as follows:

  • Must be a Philippines Citizens
  • Full Name
  • Gender
  • Full Address
  • A Valid Government ID and ID Number
  • A Valid Government ID with Photo (File Size max : 4MB)

TM Sim Registration Company Requirements Philippines

If you need to register under a company name or authorized representative you should prepare the following information:

  1. Full name of the representative
  2. List of mobile number with the company
  3. Name of the Registered Company
  4. Company Address
  5. Business Registration Proof:
    • Certificate of Registration
      • parternship
      • Corporation
      • Cooperatives
      • Foundations
      • Associations
    • BIR Form 2303
      • Government Agencies
      • LGUs
      • SUCs
      • Foreign
      • Missions
      • Foreign entites operation in the Pphilippines and Embassies

Requirements for SIM Registration TM

Requirements for SIM Registration TM as follow

  1. Personal Information:
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Address
  2. Valid Identification:
    • You need to provide a copy of a valid, government-issued identification document. Some of the commonly accepted IDs include:
      • Philippine Identification Card (PhilID or the national ID) (Max File size 4MB)
      • Passport
      • Driver’s License
      • Social Security System (SSS) Card (Max File size 4MB)
      • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Card (Max File size 4MB)
      • Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) Card (Max File size 4MB)
      • Voter’s ID
      • Other government-issued IDs with photo and full name
  3. SIM Card Details:
    • SIM serial number (This can be found on the SIM card packaging or by using a USSD code provided by the carrier to display it on your device).

Have a Note that all the Images must be in PNG, JPG, JPEG, HEIC or PDF, Always make sure that the image are clear with Maximum file size of 4 MB. For Image Compress visit the link

How to Register TM Sim

Here is the Step-by-Step Guide to Register your TM Sim Card online:

[TM SIM Registration]
  1. Fist you need to visit the official Sim Card Registration Website –
  2. Select your Preferred Language English/Taglish
  3. Next Enter You’re 10-digit TM Mobile Number
  4. Click on Register Button
  5. Now Enter the ‘OTP‘ which you got to your Number
  6. After Entering the OTP you will Process to the Online Registration Form
  7. Fill all the information Correctly
  8. Now Fill the Online Registration Form:
    • Your Name
    • DOB (Date of Birth)
    • Gender
    • Full Address
    • Nationality
    • Take a selfie and upload it
    • Chose the type of Government ID and Click on the “Attach” Button
  9. Next upload your Government ID With a Selfie
  10. Agree the TM Sim Privacy Notice by ticking on the check Box
  11. Cross check the information you have entered is correct
  12. Next click on the ‘Submit Button‘ to complete the Online TM Sim Card registration process
  13. Reference Number will be Displayed on the Screen
  14. Take a Screen Short or save the “Referance Number
  15. Reference Number is the Evidence That you have Registered You’re TM SIM Card Online.
  16. Have a track on your Reference Number

Online TM SIM Registration link is Follow all the Steps given above to register your TM Sim Card online.

TM Sim Registration id list

To Register TM Sim Online you need to have a valid Government id here are the list of ID requirement to register sim onine:

  • BIR ID
  • IBP ID
  • National Bureau of Investigation Clearance
  • PRC ID
  • Valid Passport
  • Police Clearance,
  • SSS ID
  • A person with Disabilities Card
  • Senior Citizen card
  • Other Government issued ID with a clear Photo

Some Other Valid IDS to Register TM Sim

  • Certificate of Barangay Clearance.
  • PWD ID – Person with Disabilities.
  • Senior Citizen ID.
  • Postal ID.
  • School ID for Students
  • Company ID for Employee.

TM Sim Registration Number

TM Sim Registration Number is Dial *808 from your TM mobile number and follow the prompts to speak with a customer service representative. Visit the TM website to register your sim card online.

Tm Sim Card registration failed how to fix

TM Sim Card Registration Failed Error” To Fix TM Sim Card registration Failed follow the steps given:

  • First turn off your phone
  • Next remove the Sim Card tray form your Device
  • Now wipe the sim card down with a dry clean cloth
  • Next you need to gently Blow some air into it
  • Insert the Sim back to the phone tray
  • Now again start registration process
  • If it doesn’t work try to Register from another diffrent Phone to know weather your sim or phone have a issue.

TM Sim Card Meaning

The Meaning of TM Sim Card is “Touch Mobile” TM is a Cellular Service Brand in the Philippines Country which Operated by the “Globe Telecom

TM Sim Card Price Philippines

The TM Sim Card Price in the Philippines – TM Prepaid LTE & 5G Tricut Sim Card with Free 1GB Data Brand is  ₱50.

TM Sim Card Plan

TM Sim Card easy plans are as follows:

  • TM EasyPlan 150
    • 1 GB Pang-internet + 1 GB/day Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Mobile Legends at TikTok
    • VALIDITY – 15Days
  • TM EasyPlan 300
    • 2 GB Pang-internet + 1 GB/day Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Mobile Legends at TikTok
    • VALIDITY – 30Days

TM Sim Card link Form : visit the official Sim Card Registration Website – for Registration Form.

Video Guide to register TM Sim


What is TM Sim Card?

TM = “Touch Mobile“, TM is a Cellular Service Brand in the Philippines Country which Operated by the “Globe Telecom

Is TM sim a Globe Sim?

Yes, The TM Sim is operated by the Globe Telecom

Who is the provider of the TM SIM?

Globe Telecom is the Provider of the TM Sim.

How to register Globe and TM?

To Register Follow the Steps: given in this post.

What area code is +63 for mobile?

The +63 Country code is for Philippines use to dail international call to the Philippines Phone Numbers.

Is TM Sim SuperSurf unlimited?

Supersurf is a budget-friendly promo, that gives prepaid and postpaid customers the chance to get unlimited internet access.

Can I use the TM SIM abroad?

Yes, TM Sim and Globe Sim customers can use sim card abroad to enjoy sevices even when they are abroad.

What is the best SIM card in the Philippines to use?

The Best Sim Card to use in the Philippines are:

  • Globe Sim Card,
  • TM Sim Card,
  • Smart Sim Card,
  • Dito Sim Card and
  • TNT Sim Card

Can I upgrade my TM SIM to 5G?

Yes, you can upgrade your old 2G/3G sim to an LTE/5G Sim, this will happen automatically perform the validation to complete the Process.

Can I get the same number if I lost my old SIM?

Yes, you can request a replacement of Sim Card with the service provider, they will send you a new sim card with the same old number which your using before.

What is the TM Sim registration number?

The TM Sim registration number is dail Dial *808 from your TM mobile number and follow the prompts to speak with a customer service representative.

Can i switch from TM Sim to Globe Sim?

You can Prot TM Sim to a Globe Sim, check your eligibility to port-in and request for 9-digit unique subscriber Code, Form your Current TM Sim Network Provider,

Can i use TM Sim to use GCash?

Gcash Wallet can be activated in any sim card according to mobile phones. the Registration Process can be via SMS or USSD Dail *143#, or you can download Gcash application.